Hendrik Schwolow
Dipl. - 1. und Solo-Trompeter.



German jazz and classical trumpeter, singer and arranger Hendrik Schwolow, who lives in Hamburg, can be heard on 15 of his own CD albums, on the theme song of the TV series "Lindenstrasse", on the original Hamburg recording of the musical "Cats" (LP sold millions), live TV show "Wir warten aufs Christkind 1984" (13 million viewers, both 1st and solo trumpet, as well as arranger of the music).
Hendrik Schwolow has been playing the trumpet since childhood and from the age of 11 to 18 has already recorded 3 CD albums, numerous TV and radio broadcasts with about 15 performances per month, as well as orchestra tours in the USA and throughout Germany,
at the age of 15 gets a scholarship as a young student at the Conservatory of Music in Bremen, majoring in trumpet,
At the age of 16, he was offered a traineeship (later as a freelancer) at Radio Bremen as a flugelhorn player and trumpet player in the North German Wind Orchestra and Big Band Bremer Stadtmusikanten.  
At 18 enters professional life:
Radio Bremen, Orchestra Frank Valdor, Orchestra Joe Schwarz, Circus Roncalli, RIAS Berlin, Hansa Tonstudios Berlin, Cats Hamburg, Herb Geller Big Band, Big Band Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Munich Oktoberfest, Klassik Philharmonie Hamburg, Bremer Kammerphilharmonie....
Plays in television and sound studios, concert halls and at large dance balls (e.g.: Bundes Presseball Berlin) together with musicians of the orchestras Duke Ellington, Harry James, Benny Goodman, Maynard Ferguson, Buddy Rich,Shirley Basey, Frank Sinatra, Herbert von Karajan....
Hendrik Schwolow Combo
Hendrik Schwolow Orchestra
Hendrik Schwolow Big Band
Hendrik Schwolow & Faina Freymann
Spa Orchestra and Big Band Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Munich Oktoberfest
Federal Police Orchestra Munich
Radio Bremen Big Band and North German Wind Orchestra
Orchestra Joe Schwarz
Roncalli Orchestra
Hansa Sound Studios Berlin
Orchestra Frank Valdor
Goethe Theater Bremen
Hendrik Schwolow accompanied among others the following artists (in alphabetical order):
- Peter Beil - Bernhard Brink - Bully Buhlan - Mona Baptiste - Chris Andrews - George Baker Selection - Graham Boney
- Roberto Blanco - Cindy & Bert - TV series Circus Circus by and with Freddy Quinn - Costa Cordalis - Drafi Deutscher
- Jürgen Drews - Heino - Ute Freudenberg - Gunter Gabriel - Mike Krüger - Volker Lechtenbrink - Bruce Low  
- Jürgen Marcus - Tony Marshall - Billy Mo - Stefan Mrosch (trumpet playbacks) - Wencke Myhre
- Peter Petrel - BAP - Rex Gildo - Karel Gott - Henner Hoier (also Hendrik Schwolow's singing teacher) - Jonny Hill
- Bata Illic - Renate Kern - Heinz Rühmann - Ireen Sheer - The Lords - The Rattles - The Tremeloes -
and many more.
As an arranger Hendrik Schwolow has written music for Circus Roncalli, Heinz Rühmann (1984 "The Clown" 1st and solo trumpet ond arranger of the music), Radio Bremen.v.m..
Voices on the album "Big Band Jazz":
Tom Garling: "Sounds wonderful Hendrik!"

Dan Savant: "Sounds great!"
Gordon Goodwin: "Your band sounds terrific".
Willie Murillo: "...your album sounds fantastic By the way.  Well done!"
"...with captivating intimacy and top-class technique, Hendrik Schwolow....Delikat shaped nuanced and as colorful as expressive" (Bremer Weser Kurier, 2009 )
"First class sound and exceptional arrangements paired with brilliant breathtaking soloists. Encores after every concert, standing ovations."  (Hamburger Abendblatt)
"What Hendrik Schwolow and his Delicious Big Brass Cracker Band Orchestra put on in the Stadtkirche on Sunday went through the whole body: powerful brass sections arranged to drums and electric piano made for rather unusual sounds in the church. For a long time the audience could not resist, soon the concertgoers were swaying to the rhythm of the music. Especially successful was the second piece, known as the title tune of the `Rocky movies"`: Hendrik Schwolow and his band staged it perfectly, with lots of natural church reverb and fabulous solo passages by Hendrik Schwolow on the trumpet..."
"Christian von Richthofen & The Hendrik Schwolow Big Band wowed the audience from the first note at the Cotton Club on Tuesday"
Hendrik Schwolow is a member of:
- ITG - international trumpet guild
- worldwide trumpet federation
- DTKV - German Association of Musicians
- DOV German Orchestra Association